Character Development

October 30th, 2008

Owisokon: Storyteller time traveler pointed ears half elf half human non-human short fat old spirit a White hair Mohawk style clothing old world not from any specific time frame leather bling

Adam: human fish metamorphic human body with gills water-world creature blue skin medium length hair few muscles

Clive: short fat Mohawk Male 30 yrs old “Snario” plumber mustache work-wear tan skin carries a wrench smells like ohta

Tye: Male, long black hair, 1000 years old, looks young, white buckskin, tan skin, muscular tall,

Kaharine: shape shifter animal female 15 long brown hair regular clothing half human and part animal

Skarahkotane: Female wears a feathered mask with spiked feathers tall , she hates humans because she was bullied, she carries a spear, does not know her own age long black hair, tan skin.

Mike: Shadow Fiend go outside too late he will hunt you catch you, skin you, During the day there is a good guy but at night he is the guardian of magical land- evil protector of the night. Horns, red, still a rookie- hard core mean, tall modern muscular, military cowboy hell boy style, camouflage, ranger belt, weapons skinning tools, half naked, has a black golden retriever / lab mix dog that follows him speaks with a million voices


Kanawakwi:io :

Tehoniehtathe: Evil twin, Tawiskaren,

Lauren: An energy being that radiates light bright white with yellow aura outline of a human form super tall, god like, long wavy white hair, shadow and light inspired by her grandmother singing you are my sunshine. Hair might be the sun rays- timeless

Kahentawaks: Fairy human size gi-normous yellow and black butterfly wings female 15, pale skin color, pointed ears, Tinkerbelle clothing outfit, black long hair

Coral: female old tota, long grey hair, know a lot about culture, ribbon outfit, short, not thin

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