Second Life Ribbon Shirt – Test #1

December 25th, 2008


Abbi Zipper sports her new ribbon shirt.

Abbi Zipper sports her new ribbon shirt.

Hey Everybuddy! I just made my first Ribbon Shirt in Second Life.  Now, please remember, it’s just a first try, but it’s not too shabby, and was soooo easy to do!  I swiped a picture from the InterWebs, pasted it into the Photoshop template, and did pretty much what they tell you to do in the tutorials, and voila!


In my next attempt, I want to try making the ribbons “flexi” so they look like they are hanging from the shirt.

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How to make clothing in Second Life

December 12th, 2008

Last week you all learned how to make t-shirts in Second Life using photoshop and uv maps. Here is a link to a tutorial to refresh your memory in case anybody is interested in pursuing this further. Visit

Also, here are some links to sites dedicated to clothing and fashion is SL. Take a look to get ideas about what kind of clothing is being made out there. There are a lot of creative ways to express your identity in SL.

Cyberpunk & Futuristic Clothing

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Inspired Designs

Men’s Clothing

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Photoshop Video Tutorials

November 21st, 2008

This link brings you to a list of Photoshop video tutorials.  There is a range of basic topics from opening documents, to importing images, to using the color picker and brushes.  Check them out if you want to learn more!

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