Trade schools

Montreal is one of the many priviledged cities where 3D opportunities are all over the place. Many big companies, like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts or A2M, decided to establish and flourish in the city. In response, many trade schools are being created. Here are two of them.

Campus Ubisoft:
Very cheap, 3 semesters long degree.
For now, they seem to be giving classes only in French, but the english version of the website is said to be coming soon… Maybe that means the classes will also be offered in english soon?

NAD center:
Very specialized and more expensive but usually, loans and bursaries are available.
It lasts for a little more than a year (48 weeks of classes + 12 to 16 weeks of paid or unpaid internship for the game course).
Classes given in English or French.
Going to centre NAD means you have an internship at the end and you are sure to get a job once you finish (unless you quit).

Also, I know many cegeps now offer multimedia courses too. Nevertheless, multimedia courses have wider programs than only 3D / video games usually. It is good if the student aims for university or Web/flash knowledge. The student will either have to do a drawing test or just have good grades in high school.

To get into any of the first two schools, a student must present a satisfying portfolio containing visual artworks of any kind. Also, the student will receive a cegep-level degree, but, as these are trade schools, will not need to take French, English, Philosophy or Physical Education like other cegep requires.


Ottawa can also be a good choice for students interested in game design and development.

Algonquin College
The Algonquin College has a School of Media and Design and offers programs like:

Animation (College advanced diploma)
This three-year program provides students with training in both traditional and digital animation. Following the first year of study in traditional animation techniques, students have the option of pursuing either traditional or digital animation. They learn the skills necessary to work effectively as animators in a variety of settings. Graduates acquire the skills necessary to work independently, collaboratively, and in studio settings.

Interactive Multimedia & Design (Bachelor level)
Designed for students who are both artistically creative and technically adept. The Interactive Multimedia & Design (IMD) program covers topics in Grapic Design, 2D + 3D Graphics and Animation, Game Design & Development, and Digital Video Compositing.

Once again, the student must present a portfolio for each of these programs.