Paper Prototype Play Test

March 9th, 2009

Here are the comments made by Jon and Chris from the play test last week along with a few images.

Paper Prototype Play Test: Rise of the Legends: Legends of Fear
Play Testers:
Chris (a student in Computational Arts and a former pro-gamer)
Jon (From Toronto, a visiting artist in residence at Oboro, filmmaker, educator)

Do you understand what you have to do to win?
-go around the path
-beat your enemy
-save your village
-learn something about traditional stories

Do you understand the rules of the game?
-coal throwing
-don’t go off the path
-a guide helps you along the path

Were there any areas where the goal was unclear?

Is there anything that you would add to the game?
Chris – create alternative paths or a cheat route

-have your character find or win each weapon

Jon – more variety of obstacles

-it would be cool to get weapons off the creatures you defeat

What is fun about the game?
Chris – strong idea, resembles elements of Resident Evil and Wow
Jon – the incorporation of traditional stories, bringing the story to life, the hoof lady

How could it be more fun?
Jon – emphasizing the story , for example creating a way for the player to have to memorize parts of the story in order to progress in the game
-mental problem solving, memory work
-interact with other characters

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