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December 12th, 2008

Chase the Chicken

““Get That Chicken!” The three words that describe it best. Take control of Chase, the paranoid and absurd chicken, who’s on a quest of self discovery.

As Chase, players will take to the streets, trying to stay one step ahead of the terrible and tireless Chef who’s hot on their trail. Also joining in on the chase are everyday citizens who will drop whatever they’re doing to run players down in this fast paced 3D Action “Chaser” where the danger is never far away!”


“Shantytown takes place in an imagined future reality where the earth has been largely overtaken by a jungle of poisonous fungus. Humanity has taken refuge in towering vertical cities protected by massive walls that spray fungicide into the jungle to keep it at bay. A heartless plutocracy controls these cities from the highest levels, while the poor and underprivileged live in squalid conditions in the lower levels. Our story takes place on the tenth level of one of these cities. Technology is more advanced than it is today, but it is only available to the wealthy people at the top. Most people in the city make do with run-down, dilapidated 21st century technology.”

Furious Steals

“Do you remember the good old days when racing games were about getting from A to B with as much speed and destruction as possible inbetween? Where you could jump in and play without needing to spend hours setting up your tyres, spoilers and decals?

Well, we do. That’s why we created Furious Steals – a game where smashing into your enemies is just as important as making it to the goal!”

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