Day 11 Creation and Development Of The Game

Aloha mai e,

This morning the space is filled with a flurry of activity with groups of three to six participants and staff collaborating on the tasks they have chosen to create for their game. Creating this game largely by Hawaiians who are living and working here plays a big part in the design and structures that are in this production phase. There will definitely be three levels of game play with actions and decisions made by the players to progress to the next level or restart a mini-game.

Everyone here is passionate about Hawaiian language.  The story within the game itself, is based on cultural values, with all dialog in Hawaiian and built on their mo’olelo (stories). As a player, you would have the opportunity to select the language in which the subtitles will play: Hawaiian or English. The in-game play is being developed with two possible outcomes for the players. There have been hours of development to create the linguistic prototype as well as unique newspapers built from historic readings written in Hawaiian.

The sound team has been busy too recording of dialogue, songs and Tutu speaking. Soundscapes are being worked on and  there is still much more to create to give the game an enjoyable play atmosphere.

The future timeline is created in beautiful concept art and the programming team is creatively building landscapes. The storyboards have been created for a fishing game in Adobe After-Effects.   Assets are being created and modeled in Blender along with UV mapping, modelling in color has begun which brings the assets to life.

If I thought the last two weeks were busy, I am seeing that there is so much more to be created. Everyone here is completely productive and no one is idle, as a matter of fact, scheduled breaks are planned to maintain a steady pace of creation and to keep everyone fresh. It was a long day and there is much sharing about their accomplishments. There were a lot of celebrating, everyone is working at a steady pace and are on track- Well done Teams!

Now, what will this compilation of talents name their game? What will their mo’olelo  be called?

Mahalo Nui