Day 12- Building Sound


The realm of the game currently in development has a focus on our responsibility as human beings to t o take care of the land and all that has been gifted to the peoples of Hawai’i. The title of this creations certainly has to be chosen soon and with a possible nine suggestions it will have to be reduced to the best one that tells the tale. After a round of exciting discussion, the names were reduced down to five selections, then four, then two. 

Today the sound team had a guest Hinaleimoana Wong to speak of the power of chanting. She gave a few short demonstrations to the power of voice, the power of tempo and the strength of the mo’olelo within the chant. There was a productive afternoon of recording with the recording team lead by Matt Sproat, Kawila Mahi, and Kanoelua Nakata.

Today was a smooth flow of work and low chatter as everyone was busy creating their individual parts from a long list of assets for their productive day.  All of the main characters are modeled, tomorrow they will work toward completing the rigging and adding textures. The team building the game mechanics main priority is functionality within the game play. These mini-games are almost completely programmed and ready for play testing. Populating the game is vital with only days left to complete the game. Play testing happens on Saturday!- No pressure.