Day 10- Communication and Yes, A Spoiler Alert


Another software that we are using for communication is Slack. Everyone on the team has connections to each other in a variety of capacities and teams. This interactive and private communication software has been instrumental in layering connections and developing the teams. Slack is to create a unified vision between the participants, the staff and of the different parts of the story script, character design, ambient sound, and Hawaiian linguistics.

Pleasant surprises of fully thought out paper prototypes seem to magically appear at breakfast, magnificent. And in real time, cheering and clapping in small group clusters to celebrate their solutions to game design challenges they are developing. It is amazing to see how motivated the participants are.









How does all of this influence potential game play? Iteration, iteration, iteration = solution. A steady stream of characters and asset lists along with many conceptual art drawings of Hawai’i, hale, and Tutu’s porch, loko i’a with many types of fish. This game will focus on restoring pono through the deep connection to Aloha ‘Āina. The key question to answer is: “Are you satisfied with this future?”

Since this whole afternoon was the beginning of production several breaks were taken to stretch little and to create good work habits to reduce and relieve body stresses.

Its Friday. This has been an intense two weeks of learning, discussing and planning. The intense learning curve is going to slow and the doors open to production! Full steam ahead on Monday, Day 11.

A hui hou, Mahalo