Day 5- Technology Is A Great Tool


It is amazing how much the world has changed through technology. One of the cool things about the Skins VideoG ame Workshop is that we invite industry guests to speak to the participants. They are windows into the game industry. This morning, Stephanie Harvey joined us via Skype from Los Angeles, California. Inspired by gaming, Stephanie’s lifestyle has led her into a journey of designing games and as a professional gamer.

In describing her path within the game industry, her advice to us is to learn English, Microsoft Office Suite, Flash, Unity, play games and to design, explore, create. Being organized is most important to her busy schedule; Gmail and Google calendar is highly recommended as her personal best organizing tools.

As a professional female gamer, Stephanie uses a large amount of time and energy to do a live show every day. Stephanie also uses Twitch is one of the top three networks in the USA and is the YouTube of live game streaming with live chat to connect to her gaming community. As with all social networks, involvement as a public figure certainly increased the need to protect her personal space on this social network too. Stephanie actively fights against cyber-bullying to better the online experience; it is important for her to regularly contribute by giving back to community.


In a group lesson, Sam showed everyone how to manipulate assets creating their own landscapes in Unity; Kahentawaks and Ray did an overview of the Blender softwares to familiarize everyone with the basics that these softwares could aid in the development of the story graphics and mechanics of the He Au Hou 2 game.

With an amazing story line, game play, sound design and animation the sharing of mo’olelo, vision and potential game play sounded and felt as though the game design was growing exponentially. Skawennati gathered everyone together suggesting that they begin to look at their choice of a focus group to join and to work with. Looking at their strengths will they write, draw, or design play.

Mahalo Nui