R & R Weekend Beach Day


This day began with a slow drive along the east coast of Oahu. The scenery was just beautiful and at every turn of the road the land became more inspiring and filled us with awe. Shear mountains on the left and turquoise and blue waters on the right. The beach day was so relaxing as we swam and enjoyed each other company. “It was nice to see the staff outside of the technological space of Hālau ‘Īnana and for the families to spend time getting to know each other” said Nancy Townsend. The land and the people here are so beautiful.

A weekend at Sherwood Beach could not happen without food. Noelani and her husband spent a good part of the afternoon grilling a feast fit for kings and queens. Mahalo to them and to Tewenhni’tó:ken for bring the meats for the feast and Chad for bring the vegetarian options.

Kahentawaks: Each of the beaches I have been to have had a unique personality, so it is great to have the opportunity to experience all of them! Michelle and Threnody – We loved being kahakai with everyone, Patch appreciated the belly-rubs and snacks! Maize: This outing was my first boogie boarding experience. It was awesome to ride the huge waves into shore, then run back out and do it all over again!


Although it was a little overcast, the ocean breeze felt divine, the company fantastic. Enjoying the ocean boogie-boarding, snorkeling and just relaxing was the theme for the day. It was so nice to see everyone having a great day at the beach watching the children having so much fun playing in the sand and surf.  As the afternoon shadows began to lengthen, the time for the sun to set grew closer, we all headed out for a much needed rest.

Mahalo Nui