Day 4- Designing Game Play Is Fun


Hawai’i is as beautiful as the people. This week has been a lot of discussion about storytelling and about the real Hawai’i. It centered around stereotyping and the health of not only the island but the people too. Reconnection to the land is important to the participants.

Each morning our participants are bringing more of themselves into our space. Laughter fills the air and this morning listening to Tasha’s husband Kenneth play some of his original songs for us was not only grounding, it was festive and set the tone for a great morning. What a beautiful way to start the day.

Rilla and Pippin spoke about the strategies and methods of game play; these included the connection to why people play, what their rewards are. A lot of the fun within a strategy game comes from gaining a complete understanding of all the rules and goals, and then trying to use that to come up with an optimal plan to defeat your opponent in the game play. Ideally and with infinite time and resources being able to visualize the game play strategies and rules. 

As the day unfolded, a simple card game became a game planning tool, rules were developed, challenged, changed. Constant laughter was like music to my ears, its rhythm was infectious, the mood was fabulous and inspirational.

Mahalo Nui