Day 6: Modelling and Events

Discussing the game during lunch

Day 6- Aloha and Good morning.

It was so nice to see everyone looking well rested as we gathered this morning to greet the day with Hawaiian Oli chant. The real Hawai’i is beautiful. It is filled with people who are passionate about who they are. They work really hard to save and build their language and culture. It is important for them to tell their own history, using their own stories, with real genealogy. I could feel the excitement in the air as everyone was ready to begin the new week helping each other to bring life to the game they are creating.

Neolani and Julian discussing the tools within Unity Software

The participants were glued to the their seats taking the challenge of learning so many software uses including advanced modeling, terra-forming, modeling props, level maps and animations.  “Learning the technology was a slow start, but everyone is learning much faster and getting a much better. We are going to have a lot of progress before Friday.” said Lianne. It is quite intense.

Lunch break game play fun

They take up the challenge as their imaginations take flight; dreaming of beautiful characters and places they could build with the software. The game is beginning to take form with a plan that includes adventure, mysticism, and challenges. It is a dynamic work in progress.

End of the day wrap-up meeting

This is a very important time for them, it is the first time that they will be in total control of all parts of designing and creating their very own game to showcase their collective ideas and built by Hawaiians.  The script will take more discussion to navigate toward their final path. I am so excited! I can hardly wait to see the final documents.

Mo’loeo Nui


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