Day 7: Character Textures and Player Interaction

The story team arrived early to have a discussion about the story line

Day 7- Aloha Nui

Everyone is excited about the story line and they are working together to develop the context of the game play. They are dreaming big and want to include several levels, mini challenges and cinematics that are in the planning stages.

Keanu and Dwayne studying the Blender software tools

The participants are working together to develop the conceptual design of not only the main characters, but the environments they will travel through, and the tools that will help you, the player, survive in the game. There are important design decisions to make about the characters and challenges. How can they best express Hawaiian culture? The dialogue has been “sketched” in English, but will be finalized  in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi — the Hawaiian language. The work is challenging. The amount of things to finalize is now peaking and may seem as tall as the surrounding mountains. Soon, everything will come together.

Ioane, Keanu, Makiʻilei, Kauwila, discussing the storyline

“It’s a lot of information, it’s a little intimidating too, but very fun and worth it. We get to make an end product! It’s really exciting and I really hope that this grows into more. All of the workshops make me want to learn and I want to do more. I didn’t learn these programs before, so I’m really glad that we have people who are masters at teaching the software.”      Maki’ilei

Participants learning to program in Unity, a game-development application








In this workshop, all the participants have the opportunity to get an introduction to each of the software programs to find their preferences and strengths. The lessons are presented with participants following along on their own computer.  The days have gone by so quickly, with so much to learn, and so much to do. It is amazing to know how much technology and software is actually used in the creation of a game.

Mox working through lunch

Most of the participants are taking only short breaks and working through lunch to try to gain as much knowledge as they can about the software they are learning. Many work in the evenings to come back with new iterations of the script, concept art, 3D models and gameplay ideas.

The comradery of the team is steadily growing and  at the end of the day, when everyone is tired and their minds filled with what they’ve learned, there are still smiles and laughter. This is truly a Hawaiian dream that is inspiring participants to want to gain momentum and to take the time to meet, to build games together and to continue to create.

Mahalo Nui

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