Day 5: Prototyping

After a long day, we met to collect our thoughts

Day 5- Aloha nui,

Chad prototyping assets

Today started with the participants gathering together like fish in the ocean. We divided into three prototyping teams to begin to develop the story, art, and level design. The participants began looking at the characters one would encounter in the game. Participants began  looking at the challenges that the game characters would explore, iterating the path they would follow in the game journey.  I felt the player space, while I could sense a path/ level while listening to the participants planning power and tools. They began touching upon the structures needed to make this game informative, challenging and fun.

I watched as the stories became a dance as the flow of the game current, the travels that the characters explore, search and the challenges they would encounter. The participants captured my attention. They had me excitedly looking at parts of the amazing story that was coming alive before me.  Building from their past, where they came from. Where they were going; how the story shifted between planets and stars with ships and power.  

Prototyping with different materials can help you imagine a 3-D world

The participants traveled in unison. I felt like I was watching a school of fish in the ocean; gathering together, breaking apart and joining thoughts and actions, following the currents of the story and then returning again to blend and travel as one. I could see the joy in their faces. I could hear it in their voices as the beautiful stories came alive.

Forest, Ioane and Kauwila discuss story.

As this journey together begins to unfold, they strengthened as a group, each individual with the same end in mind. Creating. Imagining the future. Imagining the people and building a game strengthened with journeys of Hawai’i and Aloha. This game is turning out to be an exciting adventure for everyone involved.

Have a good weekend everyone. Let us continue the journey together.

Mahalo nui.

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