Day 3: It’s Technology Time


Day 3

Aloha and good morning.

After having looked at all of the different areas of building games it is time to look at the software we will be using to build. The morning discussion focused on the game’s story & character(s) and using newly learned concepts centered around the possibilities of using beautiful Hawaiian stories and language to create a remarkable game.

Today Nancy shared the proper naming conventions and folder structures for team organization.








Chad showed how to begin to use the Adobe Photoshop basic tools and workflow. Photoshop is the industry standard image manipulation program and is used by photographers, graphic designers, video game artists, advertising and meme designers. 

Julian introduced Unity’s basic navigation tools. Unity is a game platform with built-in modules and features to help speed up the development process for games.

Simon-Albert & Pippin lectured on the origin of puzzles in video games and the basic principles of puzzle-making. It was a heavy tech day so rest up everyone. Mahalo nui.



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