Aloha Nui- Final Words

Skins 5.0

Aloha Nui- Congratulations! We are so proud of your accomplishments and for your successful prototype game! I can say that the whole Skins 5.0 staff  have enjoyed not only your hospitality but we really enjoyed teaching the Nā ‘Anae Mahiki collective. Thank you for welcoming us into your home territory and allowing us to become a part of your collective. Sharing the last three weeks has been a gift and we will cherish memories of your friendships. Aloha🌺 Owisokon Lahache

Message from Rilla Khaled– To Nā ‘Anae Mahiki: “I’ve spent the last 3 weeks talking to many of you and watching many of you, and have been blown away by just how much you’ve achieved. You are an incredibly talented, dedicated, and considerate group, and I know now what the future of Hawaiian games looks like: you.”

Message from Nancy- “As one of the Skins-team veterans, having been involved since the beginning back when I was an innocent, fresh-faced university student, I had a blind hope/expectation of 5.0 being the best workshop yet. If only because the IIF team improves upon the curriculum design and project compiling methods with every rendition, making it more fluid and resulting in more and more ambitious projects. Of course, this being the first time coordinating a workshop outside of Montreal, there was an added level of “danger”, not knowing much about the facilities or (in my case at least) the community. It very well could have failed miserably. I was constantly aware of that risk in the weeks leading up.

The last three weeks have not only exceeded my expectations, but have straight-up blown my mind! And I’m not just referring to the adventures of Kamapua’a. This is without a doubt one of the most passionate, dedicated, creative groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Though I doubt the participants feel this way in the last day of production, Skins 5.0 has actually been one of the least stressful workshops so far. I swear, it is true! Having a team who are not only skilled, but willing to learn and experiment, admit mistakes but not defeat and do the best they can…these qualities, more than any artistic or tech talent, are what make experimental workshops such as Skins successful. I am happy to say that my role as “project manager” has actually required minimal management.
Thank you all for sharing your language, stories and beautiful history with us. I hope you all feel empowered to expand these new skills into new, more grandiose projects in and for the future.”    Nancy Townsend
Message from Noe– E Nā ʻAnae Mahiki ē! I am very excited to play test He Ao Hou Tomorrow and see everyoneʻs beautiful work in the game.  Goooooo Team! Aloha NUI. Noe
Message from Jasmine- “Working with you all, each and every participant of the workshop, all of our wonderful and inspiring consultants, the Kamehameha staff as well as the rest of the IIF team, has been absolutely great. I was honored to get to meet everyone who helped this project come together, and am looking forward to see you all again, hopefully to work on more games like this one. It has really turned out awesome! Also, Mahalo for helping me practice ukulele! I will definitely cherish this new knowledge as a souvenir from Hawaii.”

Message from Michelle Lee Brown– Three years ago, what I wanted to study and immerse myself in was greeted with skepticism. Being here, watching Nā ʻAnae Mahiki come together and work so intently to make He Ao Hou happen has been a gift in many ways. Mahalo a nui loa eta eskerrik asko.

Message from Lilikalā- Here are my thoughts about the Skins  5.0 workshop: During the past 3 weeks we have made many friends as we dreamed our dreams for a Hawaiian Video Game that would allow our children to play games while being true to the knowledge of our Ancestors, and without the usual killing violence of such games. Our friends from Mohawk country and their compatriots who are dedicated to empowering Indigenous Peoples to master the video game production, worked their hardest to support us as Native Hawaiians. And we who are Kānaka Māoli had a steep learning curve in learning this new technology. However, we all came together as a team making a game that I will be happy to have my grandson play and for that I am very grateful.  The Ancestors win again! aloha nui, Lilikalā


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