Day 15 The Game -Final Day

Aloha! Today is the community unveiling of the prototype game. Nā ʻAnae Mahiki  Collective- Skins 5.0 and everyone involved with making He Au Hou.

Na ‘ānae mahiki Collective- Skins 5.0

The participants brought us all beautiful gifts of sweet scented Leis and Hawaiian candy.

The excitement is tangible. Prem took photos of everyone and guests began to arrive.

Its game time! Community has arrived!  Everyone gathered as the introductions began with Nā ʻAnae Mahiki Collective participants spoke about their experiences, their dreams, and their hopes for the future. They had not seen the final game build- It was going to be epic. 

He Au Hou was played and laughter and smiles spread across the room as the participants sat with players and answered questions about the game play. These few photos cannot show enough of the joy and excitement as the guests played the First Hawaiian game prototype, designed and created by Hawaiians themselves.  It was fantastic, well received and fun to play.Comments poured forth raving about the success of creating such a complete prototype and in such a short time.  

We all feel so proud of the accomplishment of the Nā ʻAnae Mahiki Collective- Skins 5.0 participants and the teachers, team leaders and all of the behind the scenes staff. This has surely been a memorable experience. Life long friendships were forged and we are looking forward to passing  We are looking forward to hearing about their success and their future successes too.


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