Aloha from the Beautiful Island of Oahu

Sunday July 17,2017

The Skins 5.0 Kanaeokana workshop on Aboriginal storytelling and video game design in Hālau ‘Īnana in Honolulu, will be an action-packed learning adventure that will take place 17th  July – 4th  August, 2017.

Our team along with the fifteen participants have begun our adventure with a beautiful mo’olelo (story telling) event at Papahana Kuaola on their reclaimed territory nestled in the valley below majestic mountains. Our two hosts, Kḗhaunani  Abad Kealaiwikuamo’o and Keoni, welcomed everyone with pule kinohi hu (sharing) of a traditional Hawaiian ceremonial circle to build ho’olauna (becoming  at ease with each other). Each of our team members were delighted and honored to receive a lei.

Lilikala Kame’elehiwa

Lilikalá Kame’elehiwa shared the genealogy of the Hawaiian peoples, their struggle to regain their language, and the stories of Maui and Pele.

Jamaica and Jon Osorio

As the sun began to set, Jamaica and her father Jon Osorio chanted a history of their family, their ancestors and their connection to the land in a wonderful melodic mo’olelo (story). They told the stories of their struggle to save the land and of how the people loved the gifts of creation and the true value of life and sacrifice.

Jon sang about the struggle the Hawaiian people have made to protect the earth, their sovereignty and their language.

The evening ended with a wonderful sharing of their traditional foods. The team and the participants are looking forward to a very productive and fun workshop at the Kanaeokana facilities.

Mahu’i  kēiamua aku


Skins 5.0 Kanaeokana Participants








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