Update on Skins 5.0!

There are only five weeks remaining until the Skins team heads to Hawaii and the lab is positively bustling! Starting today and for the next month, the team will be immersed in creating the Skins 5.0 curriculum. Team members will create lesson plans according to their areas of expertise; additionally, they will locate or produce tutorials and lists of references and examples. As we did for past iterations of Skins, we have again scheduled in “mentorship presentations,” times where various members of the team will introduce their work and discuss their interests.

Applications to the 15 workshop spots are rolling in and come from a diverse range of individuals, from students and youth –as we usually get– to professors and to people in the tech industry, which is new and exciting! This will be the first time we have many more applicants than spaces available.

At today’s meeting we discussed flights and accommodations (all booked!) as well as developments in the curriculum. We are really going!

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