Kalani Bright

Kalani grew up in rural Wailua on Kauaʻi. From a very young age he developed an interest in computer games from his families first Tandy 2000 Computer in the early 1980’s.

Kalani grew up teaching himself programming, game development, and web design from reading books he would pick up from trips to Honolulu and California. Kalani stayed in Hawaiʻi working in web design then left in 2003 to study Video Game Art & Design in San Diego.

Because of his interest in educational games, he followed with a second degree in Learning Design & Technology. Kalani worked in the tech sector developing apps, software, and web-services for high tech companies.

Kalani’s passion and mission revolves around developing apps, software, games, and cloud services centered around Hawaiian Language and Culture. He has recently returned to Hawaiʻi after 14 years away and is now employed building apps, games, and server-side technologies for the Kanaeokana Network, a network of Hawaiian Immersion and Charter Schools.

It’s Kalani’s hope that Hawaiʻi’s youth can grow up into a thriving tech industry here which promotes authentic Hawaiian values and culture, that creates a sense of place and identity, and increases our sustainability and connectedness with each other, while strengthening our independence.