Vance Tolentino

Hey, my name is Vance! I was born and raised in the Leeward coast of O’ahu in Waianae. Sci-fi lover, Game aficionado, Dungeon Master, etc., I am an aspiring animator with dreams of producing my own content and create my own studio.
I gained my skill set initially through the Searider Productions program at Waianae High School (c/o 2012) doing 3D animation using Autodesk Maya and fully fell in love with the art and the industry. Eventually my work would place at a few state and national contests, including both team and personal projects. After graduating I continued animating through an internship with Ma’O Farms at Makaha Studios, a local studio ran by Searider Productions alumni, also pursuing further education at Leeward Community College.
Soon, I took up other kinds of job opportunities in various fields but ultimately decided to returned to animation with a realized desire to create and tell all sorts of stories through media.