Tasha Tavares

Tasha Tavares is a creative being with a plethora of skill sets. Her eye for transitory imaginations has led her to work with entrepreneurs, creatives, change-makers, educators, and social networking gurus from various industries for 17 years.  The diversity of her mindset guides her through multifaceted perspectives and multilayered depths of understandings through her life’s experiential demarcation that develops and delivers unequaled, unparalleled and previously unseen masterpieces of brilliant summations.

The vibrancy of her current resolve was birthed by the arrival of her son Kaleouwaloikapono. As his life-learning advocate for 10 years she has discovered effective ways in determining the complexities of her son’s personalized learning with solutions unique to his scholastic experience. She continues to be at the educational forefront and constantly expanding her awareness in learning communities throughout the Pacific and across many other environments and platforms.