Day 16- Celebrating Ka Lei Milika`a


Everyone is excited! Today is the day that the unveiling and play test of the new Hawaiian game Wao Kanaka, I ka Wā Mamua, i ka Wā Mahope developed by Hawaiians attending the Skins Video Game Workshop.

Kehau Abad spoke so eloquently about Hawaiian culture and the importance of building a stronger tie to culture. Introductions continued with each team’s developments which were blended together into the fantastic world of mo’olelo through a sharing of each team’s contribution to the whole game.

Every person had an important role in creating this gem including artists, programmers, teachers, Hawaiian language speakers, and musicians. Each of the mini games are based on the values and heritage of Kānaka Maoli. Fishing, literacy, and the story of the oli is to show the purpose of renewing connections to Aloha ʻĀina in the hopes that revitalization of culture is brought forward from the Ancestors of the past into this technologically advanced future and beyond. I could feel the pride building as the room was filled with ‘ohana family, friends in the community play test this morning.

For participants, the after workshop reality has opened a better script where doors were opened through the exploration of the software used and contributed to increase the confidence to try new things using their own personal devices and technology.

This workshop built strong ties and has created possibilities to work with peers from the other islands and of course lifelong friendships.

Some ideas to carry forward will be to create the true voice and art of Kānaka Maoli filled with Aloha ʻĀina.


We have all transformed our understanding of technology and our use of software to a better iteration of its usage to build the potential to bring it to the children and the future. The whole IIF team and the local instructors want to send our heart felt gratitude for letting us join you in your homelands on the start of your journey.

In closing I want to tell you that I truly feel blessed to have walked by your side while this fabulous game was created. It has been an honor for me to have shared my experiences through these blogs. Niawen’kó:wa, Owisókon

Mahalo Nui Loa  song