Day 15- Compiling While Racing Time    


It certainly was a very busy week modeling, recording, drawing, colorization, reiterating, reiterating and reiterating again, then finally compiling finished folders, uploading and rendering it all to Gluon.

Functionality is the primary task this last day, with a small window to fix any issues, play testing by staff will begin today and end tomorrow with family and friends. Most of the day was pretty quiet with everyone working steadily at completing their own part. I t was very inspirational seeing the dedication of every individual contributing to the whole team. Last night some of the participants and staff stayed until eight o’clock finishing up their art assets and fine tuning the mechanical details to ensure smooth game play.

Tonight is another late work night with staff uploading Wao Kanaka, I ka Wā Mamua, i ka Wā Mahope onto all of the computers and checked then double checking to ensure that everything is in working order. Its going to be an exciting day tomorrow.

Aloha Nui