Day 13- Ka Lei Milika`a

Aloha Nui,

The focus of this game is about our responsibility to take care of the realm of men, the land. The title certainly has to be chosen no later than tomorrow from a possible nine suggestions. After much discussion during our day end meeting, the possible names were reduced down to five selections, then four, then two. After coming back together this morning, several polls were sent to the participants as a whole- this worked out great. The name selected is Wao Kanaka (realm of the people) with a subtitle of ” I ka Wā Mamua, i ka Wā Mahope ” which means the future is made possible by the past.

The team selected Ka Lei Milika`a as the name to recognize themselves as the developing team of Wao Kanaka, I ka Wā Mamua, i ka Wā Mahope.  We have had our first view of the actual game; it looks fun and more than a little challenging too. The game’s first playtest is a rapid in depth look at music, sound, cinematics. Travelling through the developmental stages of the mechanics within the four environments gave clear reason for feeling pride for everything accomplished so far.






Who would have thought that a simple program like Reaper 64 could become such a valuable tool for the creation of original mele no ka `oi. It is so beautiful, it’s melodic chanting made me emotional hearing it the first time, I was so moved by the music. It sounds fabulous! Thank you Matt for guiding and mentoring Kawila and the audio team in sound engineering and production. At the end of the day, discussing the current stage of development generated few questions due to the skills brought by the all participants and their teams. The day closed with prioritizing and planning next workday to bring everything to completion.

Kehau Agena, Sarah Beaver, Ikaika Bishop, Kahikinaokala Domingo, Lex Felicilda, Justin Gerona, Denise Karratti, ʻAʻaliʻi Kelling, Keoni Lagundimao, Kekai Mossman, Kanoelehua Nakata, TaraMarie Panoke, Tasha Tavares, Cody Vore, Charmaine Woodward, and Kiani Yasak. Congratulations on all your collaborations and with the development of this game which truly celebrates Hawaiian culture and values. Everyone is looking forward to the Saturday unveiling of Wao Kanaka, I ka Wā Mamua, i ka Wā Mahope and the play test of by their families and friends.

Native Hawaiians know the true meaning of Aloha ‘aina. Mahalo nui loa for sharing with us and for truly welcoming us into your lives to experience a’o aku a’o mai with you. Hawai’i is so much more than a tourist destination.

Mahalo Me ka ha`aha`a