Count Down 2 Days- Chanting

 Aloha Mai e

Before colonization, Hawaiian’s passed all information orally through the use of songs, chants, and poems preserving their rich fabric of cultural knowledge. Oli have specific purposes: to tell a genealogy or recount tales of powerful chiefs, stories of the beauty of their connection to various lands. Hawaiians are able to compose mele that carries a deep meaning communicating their most heart-felt emotions and thoughts. Elaborate chants were composed as expressions of love used to woo a potential lover and to record important life events: births, deaths, triumphs, losses, good times and bad. They are beautiful, harmonic and resonate their intent through melodic and interconnected chanting together as one voice.

Each morning, we center ourselves with an opening Oli that is calling and connecting with the ancestors- it is the energetic dance between sound and motion within the Universe and our connection to that energy. It is a beautiful way to bring our minds together. Listen to the beautiful renditions below.

E hana me ka ha`aha`a   (Let us work with humility)

Photo by Kanaeokana


E hō mai ka ‘ike mai luna mai ē                        Give forth knowledge from above
‘O nō mea huna no’eau o nā mele ē                 Every little bit of wisdom contained in song
E hō mai, e hō mai, e hō mai ē                           Give forth, give forth, oh give forth


Nā ‘Aumākua mai ka lā hiki a ka lā kau                 Ancestors from the rising to the setting sun
Mai ka hoʻokuʻi a ka hālāwai                                   From the zenith to the horizon
Nā ‘Aumākua iā ka hina kua, iā ka hina alo          Ancestors who stand at our back and front
Iā ka ‘ākau i ka lani                                                    Who stand at our right hand
‘O k īhā i ka lani, ‘owē i ka lani
Nunulu i ka lani, kāholo i ka lani
Eia ka pulapula a ‘oukou ‘o (Kanaeokana)
E mālama ‘oukou iā mākou
E ulu i ka lani, e ulu i ka honua
E ulu i ka pae ʻāina o HawaiʻiE hō mai i ka ‘ike

E hō mai i ka ikaika
E hō mai i ke akamai
E hō mai i ka maopopo pono
E hō mai i ka ‘ike pāpālua
E hō mai i ka mana.
‘Āmama ua noa.

A rising and falling in the heavens,
A rustling in the heavens,
A reverberation in the heavens,
Swiftly flowing in the heavens,
Here are your descendants, Kanaeokana
Protect us
That we may flourish in the heavens
That we may flourish on earth
That we may flourish in the Hawaiian islands
Grant us knowledge
Grant us strength
Grant us intelligence
Grant us understanding
Grant us insight
Grant us power
The prayer is lifted, it is free