Dwayne Shimizu


Dwayne Shimizu

too long, didnt read:TLDR: i love games, i want to make games, i know nothing about making games this is my start. computer repair I.T technician career backround ish, shoutout to UBERGEEKS KANEOHE give us a call! will be happy to help!

-windward side, kaneohe grown, castle high school graduate, hope to be the Bryan Clay of making games. dont believe in college debt. cant believe it more like. like you think im never gonna come back and give you guys money for all youve done or at least try to help in any way i can? instead you want me to just scrape by and only afford to pay off interest every single month? i think im in the wrong class.
-[adult swim streams] CHAT KING 2015 (they gave me this crown :”3) 0nionbooty catch me on youtube! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. hit me up on facebook too! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED…
omnivore – would rather starve than hunt or hurt living things tho, the great delicious hypocrisy. tbh i dont even disturb trees or rocks. would prefer to leave no footprint at all but still making prints so i always improve the conditions of my surroundings whilst doing so. malama the Aina. Chee. 
im in love with video games. good games make me say “this is the greatest moment of my life” and all of the hundreds of games ive played have all been good games so that means i have hundreds of greatest moments of my life. and i still havent even taken real life out from under the tree so ive still got these enormous gifts in store with the highest of hawaiian graphics but only 1 life this time around. but i think ima be okay.

would write a book about loving games but will never have a vocabulary strong enough to properly express how i truly feel about them and do it justice

favorite games: bioshock 1, dead rising 1, the stanley parable, portal 1, super ghouls and ghostsMichael Jackson‘s Moonwalker for the SEEHHGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA genesis ( i love MJ :] ), halo 2, halo 3, call of duty: black ops 1 ZOMBIES MODE KINO DER TOTEN ONLY/or recruit difficulty bots on nuketown LMK, shelter 1, team fortress 2 (boo cs:go lol), oddworld abes oddysee/abes exodus classic editions,  condemned: criminal origins classic 360 version, crackdown 360 version, The Darkness 1, INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE VERSION 3 LMK brah, car mechanic simulator 2015, NO TIME TO EXPLAIN remastered, Bully: scholarship edition, GTA: san andreas cuz cheats, Red Dead Redemption cuz horse, the ship, tabletop simulator, POSTAL 2: the crazy person game pacifist run LMK, dont starve, cubivore, MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 im not good please dont LMK lol, soul reaver 1, minecraft, ZEH LONG DARK >:3.

and league of legends i guess just broke 2000 wins 2000 loss very close to atleast evening out (SN: Sorry i mute you) ive had kind of a hate hate relationship with league pass 4 out of 6 years but im no quitter i dont even vote for surrender, never surrender. if theres a sinking ship dont get on it, but if youre a dummy already on the boat to begin with never ever give up on trying to float with the other dummys who got on the same boat with someone like you. might learn something, might save everyone, lots of mights so you better bring some might yourself. youre the only one who can.

wow that was long prepare for more

greatest console of all time: the sega dreamcast. it had online support 5 years before xbox live give or take respectively. and the graphics were ALL SMOOTH. also your memory card had a little screen so you could take that anywhere and play with it like a littletamagotchi IT WAS THE GOLDEN GOOSE AND NO ONE BOUGHT IT.

but i did. 9/9/1999 at midnight. first midnight release for me ever. first time chillin with my mom all the way till midnight and she had work the next day it was like on a thursday or something thank you mom. thanks all moms THANKS ALL GRANDMAS! BUrah. and grandpas too brah, of course.

-favorite fonts: comic sans, helvetica neue condensed bold, and that gangsta letters font
-favorite movie: rocky II
(the scene where he runs faster than the kid and the guy on the bike)(then after when hes jumping with all the kids after running up the stairs and the music finishes he makes this yelping noise, greatest cock up of all time still cant even harm the greatest movie of all time)
-favorite tv show: the office US
(michael and holly)(ones an insensitive man-child the other is a kind, almost too perfect to exist lady, and from the very beginning these 2 people are made for each other from the little funny voices to conflict resolution to the most incredible marriage proposal ive ever seen. plus michael starts to hold his tongue and grow up so thats cool)

im completely green with creating games. photoshop, blendr, pretty much everything involved in this workshop, but to be apart of this is one of those real life greatest moments ever so its like i made a hole through the bottom of the wrapping paper and peeked with this one, truly thank you everyone involved, the participants, the professionals, even the catering staff has been tap every single day from the bottom of my crazy *** game loving heart, thank you.

im great with windows computers tho so if we have a malfunction im on it.

i hope i break the layout of this website with all of my text lol, my bad