Day 12 Production

Game play break


Creating UV maps and texturizing them
Blender is a free downloadable program used to create 3-D images

Today is another day of intense production and digital creation by everyone. With our play test scheduled for tomorrow, it is a bit quieter. Devon Shimizu said “I’m surprised how similar many of these digital media programs work. It makes sense, but for some reason I assumed that it would be much more complicated. The important thing is when you learn how to use these programs, do not let your preconceptions stop you from starting. To learn you have to start somewhere.” Everyone is focused on the different areas that they are working on.

Continuous small meetings are flowing from one area of the room to the other and back again as participants are cross referencing and fine tuning their works. Computer monitors displayed the game’s characters and levels becoming real. The participants come and quietly chat about geneology, Hawaiian language and stories with Lillikala. I observed her in several small discussions with participants consulting when I over heard Rian telling Lilliane “I am so fortunate to have been selected for this.” Of course there has to be some play breaks and singing too; laughter is wonderful.

Programming the levels inside the game

“I feel so fortunate and honored to be part of this workshop. It is a rare blessing to have the chance to work with a group of people who are continually enthusiastic and excited about completing every aspect of our game. There have been so many educational experiences as we have proceeded through the process of building this game.” said Rian Barreras. “I’m looking forward to learning more and building more games in the future, but I’m pretty positive nothing will match the heart and energy this group has formed.”

Anticipation for our prototype playtest is increasing by the minute.


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