Day 13 Play Test Today

Meeting of the minds


It was relatively quiet this morning- I can feel the anticipation as everyone continues to work on their programming, assets, and environments. Waiting for the play test this morning is feeling emotional for me- everyone’s work is going to merge into a dynamic blending of sound, level design, art, and programming.

It is a busy morning fine tuning for the prototype playtest
Continuing to complete the work that needs to be finished

“I’m feeling very ecstatic that the project is starting to come together. All the work that individuals made, is becoming integrated in the larger video game. I feel really happy that the work I have done in level design, and sound design, is reflecting the visions that I had for certain planets. Watching these things being integrated makes me feel that we have all become ha’i mo’olelo. It really feels as though we have become storytellers who can immerse others into our world through our own respective practices.” said Kauwila.  “I felt that, I was in a forest, when I saw the 3-D Lehua file. I felt that I was meeting Kamapua’a in real life, that I was watching the world being created when I heard the Kumulipo being chanted. Our character is just neutral enough to feel as though you really are the character. You become the character.”

Lilikala and Skawennati

The play testing has me wanting to continue to explore the prototype. I promise not to give you any spoilers about the game play, except to tell you all that the game involves mystery, travel, and challenges rooted within Hawaiian culture. The cinematics and the play testing were quite experiential- I loved the sound integration and the storyline. Well done my friends.


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