Day 10: Spoiler Alert

Everyone is deep in the creating zone, today is the first review.

Production is going well; everyone is busy working with their teams creating the many aspects of their new game, which now has a title: He Au Hou. It means “new realm” in O’lelo Hawi’i.

What matters is creativity and meeting the deadline for sharing

What a fabulous day! At the end of week two, the story was approved and we entered into the production phase. It is amazing how everything is coming together.  “I joined the mo’olelo through video gaming [workshop] to learn how to take stories, history into another media. The learning curve has been steep especially with the technology classes, but I have enjoyed learning level design, sound and working on writing the mo’olelo especially with so many students who are fluent in Hawaiian language,” said Noelani Arista.

Collaboration by all

The week-end review was spectacular; the sound, and imagery fabulous! All of the participants are working at an incredible pace putting their knowledge to work.

Here is the game back story to whet your appetite for more.

… At the time, that turned the heat of the earth; At the time, when the heavens turned and changed…The coral, worms, starfish, phosphorous, Ina, Halula, Hawae, Haukeuke and kanaka were birthed from po. He Ao Hou

You and your twin sister, Lehua, are competing at space-sailing canoes, she wins and you are compelled to challenge her to race home. You are the first  into the arms of your Tutu who is sitting in the space hub on a lauhala mat. Tutu asks you both if you have heard the story of the shark who brought fish to the old couple. Tutu tells the story while lying in bed. He is not well. Lehua is sitting on the bed leans over and kisses him. You are watching her as she goes to the door, where she looks back hesitantly at him- her eyes water, and as you see the door close. You know that she has left. You become aware of a sound that becomes louder and you wake up from your dream thinking about Lehua as you hear Tutu coughing.  

A week has passed and Lehua still hasn’t returned. Tutu whispers “You both must be here to ensure everything is taken care of–it is up to you both now. Keep our stories alive, our people– Go now, quickly.”

A message from home tells you that Tutu has died; space/time seems to stand still. Your grief has caused the stars to be blurry and your ears are deafened by a ringing silence. It is up to you to find your sister.   You decide that you cannot wait and you pilot your ship away from your home. Where will you go? Will it be Ahupua’a? or Wai? Pele? With so many planets to search you choose one of many. It is where your sister may be, your quest will  begin and you will have to decipher challenges to gain knowledge about where your sister is.

Noelani, Keanu, Ioane
Kauwila, Vance, Alexander









Know that your whole team is an inspiration! Have a well deserved weekend everyone. Mahalo Nui

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