Day 9: Beginning Production

It is not all work- sometimes it is fun and games

Aloha. This morning is the last day of lessons and everyone is excited to begin production in the afternoon. I could feel the mood shifting, the excitement level rising, and the comments about how the game will be so amazing.   The needed story scripts are complete and Noelani and Kauwila spent some time discussing the finer points of translating English into the Hawaiian language. I watched through the window as the sound team worked on their recordings. It looked like they were having a very enjoyable time. In the upstairs classroom, I witnessed a dynamic interaction between participants who were demonstrating the postures and movements they wanted to rig into the characters they have begun to create.

Chad and Briana focused on creating
Nathan hanging loose

When I had a moment to speak with Vance Tolentino he said, “I was looking for an opportunity to get back into this kind of work and luckily this program came up. I never thought I would meet Native people from the mainland. I found Simon-Albert and Pippin Barr and all the other staff so interesting. This was a crash course in five different programs that I did not get to do before and it was not easy learning them all so fast. This workshop has rekindled my fire. I feel confident that everything will work out fine. Even though I did not learn the programming software, I know where to find the lessons and will be able to learn that too. It feels good to do this kind of work again.”

Modeling Instructor, Jasmine

When the last lesson was complete, lunch arrived and everyone was chatting, laughing, and genuinely have a wonderful time with a much lighter relaxed feeling blossoming.

Dwaynes’ brother Devon: listening to tunes for inspiration as he creates

As lunch came to an end, the storyboards were looked at and assets lists were made with participants selecting the pieces they wish to bring to life. The excitement is tangible, the mood happy.

“I really got interested in Blender, 3D modeling and animation. I  want to continue making things

in 3-D modeling,” said Dwayne Shimizu. “We just finished all of the learning and I am actually going to be able to jump in and create with all that we’ve learned. I am really excited for that. I also wanted to add that the catering is really good and to always remember to tip the wait staff- the end”.

Today was a good day. We gathered around the table and chanted together before we went our separate ways for the night. Enjoy your evening everyone- Mahalo

Rian, Kainoa, Alexander, Noelani


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