Day 8: Rendering and Triggers

John, Dwayne, Vance, Makiʻilei, and Keanu creating art

Aloha Nui, we are halfway there!

This morning, I arrived to find most of the participants had arrived early. They were busily discussing the development of the story dialogue and the characters that they will bring to life over breakfast.

Considering all of the software the participants had to learn in such short time, I feel so blessed to be here to witness their accomplishments. Today will focus on the last two large components of the learning phase: 3-d digital drawing and how to create game play triggers. 

Rian listening intently to the mentor presentation

Each day, I am seeing the participants grow as a team, sharing their ideas, discussing what they would like to develop in the game and dividing the workload. As Indigenous people, we cherish the same things: land, culture, language, history, and sovereignty. Although we live half a world apart, we are so similar in our ways. They also use consensus to formalize their decisions. The participants are sharing their oral history, their stories, their language. The way they describe a person is so interesting. It is done holistically- interpreting the significant role that stride, movement, posture and status plays in personality and power. I feel honored that they freely share so much about Hawaiian culture. Every day is filled with laughter and it is truly a joy to be working with them all.

John Mervin presenting his work to the participants

“Applying for this workshop is the best choice I’ve made in years. The technical aspects are intense and the timeline is daunting (the cultural aspect can also get severely tedious) but the mentors and instructors are patient and passionate. I look forward to what we will accomplish. I’d recommend Skins to anyone needing the tools and the courage to put their voice and vision into the world.” said Mox

During our break, the room suddenly flooded with up-beat, poetic and romantic song. Singing and laughing as they played guitar and ukulele, Makiʻilei and Kainoa created a beautiful and memorable moment. I can say that everyone truly enjoyed their spontaneous performance.

Malhalo Nui

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