Day 13: Crunch Time!

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Mansion main entrance finalprofessor_throw_2Theme of the day: work, work, work!!

Visual Artists were polishing assets and finishing animations, getting ready to bring the game to life. We have some amazing elements, beautifully crafted for the various environments of the game. All of the characters have been given personality with their very own animations! Just wait ’til you see the villain battle our heroine Ieniente!

level2_textures_1Gameplay Artists were implementing some of the improvements discussed over the past few days. The boss level is being carefully shaped into a really fun and challenging part of the game. It is no longer a “rage-quit” level, but a really enjoyable orchestration of our two favourite mechanics. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Many people decided to stay late tonight, to try and get ahead for tomorrow. It really gave us a boost!

Tomorrow is the final crunch. No messing around over here–we are working hard to get this game done!