Day 9: Sprites & Production!

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Visual Artists had their very last lesson this morning on how to turn their beautiful models into finished sprites, ready for game implementation. Gameplay Artists got a head-start into production mode, and they needed it–tomorrow is our first playtest together!

It was amazing to be here today. There’s nothing like being surrounded by creative energy–everyone has been in the zone, getting things done together. It was the kind of calm, productive atmosphere that would give anyone the creative itch. People are buzzing with anticipation for the playtest tomorrow; at the same time, they are in a peaceful state of production, happily moving forward.

The script and storyboard got a bit of TLC; we have begun coordinating the original concepts with the script writers and Construct 2 programmers. The importance of working together on this was emphasized when we discussed which assets we will need and where their roles in the game are mentioned. In the cutscenes or in-game? Many decisions to make!

3D models for the game are also coming together quickly. Check out participants Jake Lazore and Darian Jacobs’ character concepts turn into 3D characters in the images below! Wahsontiio Cross and Quintin Rice-Marquis, our other Visual Artist participants, have been making elements of the environment “from scratch”, meaning without technical drawings for reference. The evil mansion and the different types of trees are looking great! (See those in our previous blog post.)

By next week, assets will begin trickling in, dialogue will be finalised, and the game will really start coming to life. For now, we are so excited to play the first iteration of the game tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!