SSI Day 5: Modelling

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Day 5: Modelling
Wednesday 20 July

1. Learn about modelling.
2. Apply learned skills in modelling.

– Access to a scanner
– Barbies and Markers

9:30PM – Art Module 3a. Finalize Technical Drawing
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher (RAs scan and touch up concept art for Blender import) [EV5.615]

10:00AM – Art Module 6. Character Modelling l: Learn how to model on top of a background image, vertex manipulation, box modelling for the torso and how to make limbs. (3 x 45 min segments)
Facilitated by: Sahar Homami [EV5.635]

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30-2:30 Art Module 7. Modifying meshes.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher [EV5.635]

2:30-3:30: Art Module 8. Character Modeling II: Learn how make clothing from existing model; extruding edges from neck for a collar, scaling out cuffs and a belt.
Facilitated by: Sahar Homami [EV5.635]

3:30PM to 5:00PM – Work Time: Finish Modelling. [EV5.635]

5:00PM – Wrap Up Meeting (30 min)

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