SSI Day 4: 2D Art

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Day 4: 2D Art
Tuesday 19 July

1. Introduce drawing/gleaning concept art references.
2. Apply learned skills in drawing concept art.
3. Introduce Blender.
4. Finish technical drawing.

9:30AM – Introduce Jing for taking screenshots.
Facilitated by: Nancy Townsend

9:40AM – Art Module 1. Introduction to Concept Art and Character Design: See examples of concept art and learn about character development.
Facilitated by: Tommy Deer

10:30AM – Industry Presentation: Whitney Clayton, Concept Artist.

11:00AM – Art Module 2. Drawing Basics for Concept Art: Learn drawing techniques.
Facilitated by: Tommy Deer

12:00AM – Work Time: Work on Concept Art

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30PM – Art Module 3. Technical Drawing for Blender: Learn how to transfer concept art into technical drawings.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher

2:30PM – Art Module 4. Intro to Blender Interface: Learn how to use Blender, a free suite of tools for 3D creation.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher

3:30PM – Art Module 5. Intro to Modelling in Blender: Learn basics of 3D modelling through building a for-game prop
Facilitated by: Sahar Homami

5:00PM – Wrap Up Meeting (30 min)

Prep for next day:
Students will begin modelling.

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