SSI Day 3: Iterative Design

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Day 3: Iterative Design
Monday 18 July

1. Playtest paper prototypes.
2. Revise game based on playtesting.
3. Organize game design/rough game script.
4. Organize production process – staying organized.
5. Conceptualize game in 3D.

9:30AM – Game Design Module 4. Playtest I: Mentors, instructors, students, and industry guests will play the paper prototypes and provide feedback.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace & Industry Guests

10:30AM – Game Design Module 5. Playtest II: Students will revise paper prototypes based on feedback.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

11:30AM – Game Design Module 6. 3D Production Pipeline/Game Development Workflow I: Learn the various steps for production and how to keep organized.
Facilitated by: Mohannad Ak

12:00PM – Game Design Module 7. Levels & Naming Conventions/Using SVN: Learn how to name files and keep organized.
Facilitated by: Nancy Townsend

12:30PM – Lunch

1:15PM Industry Presentation: Anouk Ben-Tchavtchavadze, Art Director (UbiSoft)

2:00PM – Game Design Module 8. Game Design Document Handout / Game Script and Asset List: Learn how to fill in a Game Design Document. How to keep organized using script and asset lists in Googledocs.
Facilitated by: Skawennati & Nancy Townsend

2:30PM – Revise Paper Prototype and Work on Game Design Document: Students will finalize the paper prototype and fill in the game design document.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

4:15PM – Guest Presentation: Tommy Deer, Aboriginal comic book artist.

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