SSI Day 2: Design

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Day 2: Design
Sunday 17 July

1. Decide on a story.
2. Choose roles/teams.
3. Paper prototype games.
4. Test and discuss games.

– Unreal Tournament III Bonus Content DVD
– Paper Prototyping Craft Supplies

Mentor Arrivals:
(9:00AM – Owisokon)
1:00PM – Scott Benesiinaabandan ← coming in mornings?

9:30AM – Storytelling Module 3. Sharing Stories: Tell and discuss stories.
Facilitated by: Owisokon  [EV5.615]

10:30AM – Game Design Module 2A. Game Development Roles: Discuss and decide on roles in teams, such as designer, artist, animator, and programmer. Practice team building exercises. Show Behind the Scenes of Unreal Tournament III.
Facilitated by: Skawennati & AbTeC RAs  [EV5.615]

11:30AM – Storytelling Module 4. Deciding on a Story: Discuss and decide on stories or story elements to adapt to games.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace  [EV5.615]

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30PM – Storytelling Module 5. Translating Your Story: Discuss ideas for game designs based on stories.
Facilitated by: Skawennati & Scott Benesiinaabandan  [EV5.615]

2:30PM – Game Design Module 3. Paper Prototyping: Learn how to make a paper prototype (a paper version of a game for testing gameplay).
Facilitated by: Nancy-Elizabeth Townsend (& AbTeC R.As)  [EV5.615]

3:30PM to 5:15PM – Work Time: Make Paper Prototype.  [EV5.615]

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