SSI Day 1: Introduction

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Day 1: Introduction
Saturday 16 July

1. Set the tone and explain workshop focus.
2. Excite students about storytelling in media.
3. Facilitate fun interaction between students/mentors for team building.
4. Give students story ideas for their game and get them thinking about translating stories.
5. Confirm student names and emails in order to get them CDA + server access!

– TV and console set up in smart room for game playing

Mentor Arrivals:
(9:00AM Scott Benesiinaabandan)
11:00AM – Stephanie Harvey
(1:30PM – Owisokon Lahache)
2:00PM – Ruben Farrus

9:30AM – Introductions: Introduce the space. Overview of the Objectives and Schedule. Circle of introductions including mentors, instructors, and students. Photovoice demonstration.  [EV5.615]
Facilitated by: Jason Edward Lewis & Skawennati Fragnito

10:30AM – Storytelling Module 1. Seeing Red: Watch a video on Native representations in video games and discuss with Skawennati. [EV5.615]
Presentation by Tehoniehtathe Delisle of Otsi:!, the game created in Skins 1.0.
Facilitated by: Skawennati [EV5.615]

11:30AM – Game Design Module 1. What’s In a Game?: Introduction to elements in games and genres.
Facilitatied by: Stephanie Harvey, Game Designer (Ubisoft) and CounterStrike Champion [EV5.615]

12:30PM – Lunch.

1:15PM – Mentor Presentation: Scott Benesiinaabandan, Artist. [EV5.615]

2:00PM – Mentor Presentation: Owisokon Lahache, Artist. [EV5.615]

2:30PM – Game Design Module 2. Game Development Process: Introduction to the process and roles of professional game development.
Facilitatied by: Ruben Farrus (Minority) [EV5.615]

3:30PM – Storytelling Module 2. Translating Stories: Discuss how stories change depending on whom is telling the story and how the story is being told, whether orally, or in media like films or games.
Facilitated by: Jason Edward Lewis & Skawennati [EV5.615]

4:30PM-Tour of Obx Labs [EV11.615]

5:00PM – Showcase Test Project Game: Show and discuss example game project.
Facilitated by: AbTeC R.A.s [EV5.615]

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