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SSI Day 2: Design

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Day 2: Design Sunday 17 July Objectives: 1. Decide on a story. 2. Choose roles/teams. 3. Paper prototype games. 4. Test and discuss games. Supplies: – Unreal Tournament III Bonus Content DVD – Paper Prototyping Craft Supplies Mentor Arrivals: (9:00AM – Owisokon) 1:00PM – Scott Benesiinaabandan ← coming in mornings? Schedule: 9:30AM – Storytelling Module […]

SSI Day 1: Introduction

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Day 1: Introduction Saturday 16 July Objectives: 1. Set the tone and explain workshop focus. 2. Excite students about storytelling in media. 3. Facilitate fun interaction between students/mentors for team building. 4. Give students story ideas for their game and get them thinking about translating stories. 5. Confirm student names and emails in order to […]