SSI Day 7: Animation + Film Evening

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Day 7: Animation + Film Evening
Friday 22 July

1. Learning about animation.
2. Learn about and apply skills in 3D animation.
3. Evening: Unwind by watching Aboriginal animations.

– Action Figures to show joints.

Mentor Arrivals:
9:00AM – Mathew McNeill

9:30AM – Art Module 13. Animation Principles: Learn about the 12 principles of animation and ‘Straight Ahead’ vs. ‘Pose-to-Pose’ Action.
Facilitated by: Mathew McNeill [EV5.615]

10:30AM – Art Module 14. Skeleton Tools in Blender: Learn about rigging.
Facilitated by: Nancy Townsend [EV5.635]

11:30AM – Art Module 15. Skinning Tools in Blender: Learn about skinning.
Facilitated by: Nancy Townsend [EV5.635]

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30PM – Film: Sintel: Show project files from Sintel, a film made in Blender. [EV5.615]

2:00PM – Art Module 16. Animation Tools: Learn about the timeline.
Facilitated by: Mathew McNeill [EV5.635]

2:30PM – Art Module 17. Animation: Learn how to animate.
Facilitated by: Mathew McNeill [EV5.635]

3:30PM – Work Time: Finish Animation [EV5.635]

SSI Day 6: UV-Mapping, Texturing and Materials

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Day 6: UV-Mapping, Texturing and Materials
Thursday 21 July

1. Learn about UV-mapping and UV-map models.
2. Gathering textures
3. Learn about materials/shaders.
4. Apply textures to models.

– Stuffed Animals or Mannequin
– Scissors + seam rippers
– Objects to showcase material types

Mentor Arrivals:
(10:00AM Scott Benesiinaabandan)
3:30PM – Mathew McNeill

9:30AM – Art Module 9. UV-Mapping: Learn about the process of making a 2D image representation of a 3D model.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher [EV5.635]

10:30AM – Art Module 10. Gathering Textures: Trip outside to take photos for various textures.
Facilitated by: Scott Benesiinaabandan [EV5.615 & outside]

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30PM – Art Module 11: Introduction to Photoshop: Learn the Photoshop workspace and its basic tools, including documents, layers, shapes, color, paint bucket, brushes, eraser, and saving files.
Facilitated by: Scott Benesiinaabandan [EV5.635]

2:30PM – Art Module 12. Materials: Learn about texturing with materials and normal maps.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher [EV5.635]

3:15PM to 4:00PM – Work Time: Finish Texturing. [EV5.635]

4:00PM – Mentor Presentation: Mathew McNeill, Aboriginal animator. [EV5.615]

SSI Day 5: Modelling

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Day 5: Modelling
Wednesday 20 July

1. Learn about modelling.
2. Apply learned skills in modelling.

– Access to a scanner
– Barbies and Markers

9:30PM – Art Module 3a. Finalize Technical Drawing
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher (RAs scan and touch up concept art for Blender import) [EV5.615]

10:00AM – Art Module 6. Character Modelling l: Learn how to model on top of a background image, vertex manipulation, box modelling for the torso and how to make limbs. (3 x 45 min segments)
Facilitated by: Sahar Homami [EV5.635]

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30-2:30 Art Module 7. Modifying meshes.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher [EV5.635]

2:30-3:30: Art Module 8. Character Modeling II: Learn how make clothing from existing model; extruding edges from neck for a collar, scaling out cuffs and a belt.
Facilitated by: Sahar Homami [EV5.635]

3:30PM to 5:00PM – Work Time: Finish Modelling. [EV5.635]

5:00PM – Wrap Up Meeting (30 min)

SSI Day 4: 2D Art

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Day 4: 2D Art
Tuesday 19 July

1. Introduce drawing/gleaning concept art references.
2. Apply learned skills in drawing concept art.
3. Introduce Blender.
4. Finish technical drawing.

9:30AM – Introduce Jing for taking screenshots.
Facilitated by: Nancy Townsend

9:40AM – Art Module 1. Introduction to Concept Art and Character Design: See examples of concept art and learn about character development.
Facilitated by: Tommy Deer

10:30AM – Industry Presentation: Whitney Clayton, Concept Artist.

11:00AM – Art Module 2. Drawing Basics for Concept Art: Learn drawing techniques.
Facilitated by: Tommy Deer

12:00AM – Work Time: Work on Concept Art

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30PM – Art Module 3. Technical Drawing for Blender: Learn how to transfer concept art into technical drawings.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher

2:30PM – Art Module 4. Intro to Blender Interface: Learn how to use Blender, a free suite of tools for 3D creation.
Facilitated by: Charlotte Fisher

3:30PM – Art Module 5. Intro to Modelling in Blender: Learn basics of 3D modelling through building a for-game prop
Facilitated by: Sahar Homami

5:00PM – Wrap Up Meeting (30 min)

Prep for next day:
Students will begin modelling.

SSI Day 3: Iterative Design

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Day 3: Iterative Design
Monday 18 July

1. Playtest paper prototypes.
2. Revise game based on playtesting.
3. Organize game design/rough game script.
4. Organize production process – staying organized.
5. Conceptualize game in 3D.

9:30AM – Game Design Module 4. Playtest I: Mentors, instructors, students, and industry guests will play the paper prototypes and provide feedback.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace & Industry Guests

10:30AM – Game Design Module 5. Playtest II: Students will revise paper prototypes based on feedback.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

11:30AM – Game Design Module 6. 3D Production Pipeline/Game Development Workflow I: Learn the various steps for production and how to keep organized.
Facilitated by: Mohannad Ak

12:00PM – Game Design Module 7. Levels & Naming Conventions/Using SVN: Learn how to name files and keep organized.
Facilitated by: Nancy Townsend

12:30PM – Lunch

1:15PM Industry Presentation: Anouk Ben-Tchavtchavadze, Art Director (UbiSoft)

2:00PM – Game Design Module 8. Game Design Document Handout / Game Script and Asset List: Learn how to fill in a Game Design Document. How to keep organized using script and asset lists in Googledocs.
Facilitated by: Skawennati & Nancy Townsend

2:30PM – Revise Paper Prototype and Work on Game Design Document: Students will finalize the paper prototype and fill in the game design document.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

4:15PM – Guest Presentation: Tommy Deer, Aboriginal comic book artist.

SSI Day 2: Design

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Day 2: Design
Sunday 17 July

1. Decide on a story.
2. Choose roles/teams.
3. Paper prototype games.
4. Test and discuss games.

– Unreal Tournament III Bonus Content DVD
– Paper Prototyping Craft Supplies

Mentor Arrivals:
(9:00AM – Owisokon)
1:00PM – Scott Benesiinaabandan ← coming in mornings?

9:30AM – Storytelling Module 3. Sharing Stories: Tell and discuss stories.
Facilitated by: Owisokon  [EV5.615]

10:30AM – Game Design Module 2A. Game Development Roles: Discuss and decide on roles in teams, such as designer, artist, animator, and programmer. Practice team building exercises. Show Behind the Scenes of Unreal Tournament III.
Facilitated by: Skawennati & AbTeC RAs  [EV5.615]

11:30AM – Storytelling Module 4. Deciding on a Story: Discuss and decide on stories or story elements to adapt to games.
Facilitated by: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace  [EV5.615]

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30PM – Storytelling Module 5. Translating Your Story: Discuss ideas for game designs based on stories.
Facilitated by: Skawennati & Scott Benesiinaabandan  [EV5.615]

2:30PM – Game Design Module 3. Paper Prototyping: Learn how to make a paper prototype (a paper version of a game for testing gameplay).
Facilitated by: Nancy-Elizabeth Townsend (& AbTeC R.As)  [EV5.615]

3:30PM to 5:15PM – Work Time: Make Paper Prototype.  [EV5.615]

SSI Day 1: Introduction

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Day 1: Introduction
Saturday 16 July

1. Set the tone and explain workshop focus.
2. Excite students about storytelling in media.
3. Facilitate fun interaction between students/mentors for team building.
4. Give students story ideas for their game and get them thinking about translating stories.
5. Confirm student names and emails in order to get them CDA + server access!

– TV and console set up in smart room for game playing

Mentor Arrivals:
(9:00AM Scott Benesiinaabandan)
11:00AM – Stephanie Harvey
(1:30PM – Owisokon Lahache)
2:00PM – Ruben Farrus

9:30AM – Introductions: Introduce the space. Overview of the Objectives and Schedule. Circle of introductions including mentors, instructors, and students. Photovoice demonstration.  [EV5.615]
Facilitated by: Jason Edward Lewis & Skawennati Fragnito

10:30AM – Storytelling Module 1. Seeing Red: Watch a video on Native representations in video games and discuss with Skawennati. [EV5.615]
Presentation by Tehoniehtathe Delisle of Otsi:!, the game created in Skins 1.0.
Facilitated by: Skawennati [EV5.615]

11:30AM – Game Design Module 1. What’s In a Game?: Introduction to elements in games and genres.
Facilitatied by: Stephanie Harvey, Game Designer (Ubisoft) and CounterStrike Champion [EV5.615]

12:30PM – Lunch.

1:15PM – Mentor Presentation: Scott Benesiinaabandan, Artist. [EV5.615]

2:00PM – Mentor Presentation: Owisokon Lahache, Artist. [EV5.615]

2:30PM – Game Design Module 2. Game Development Process: Introduction to the process and roles of professional game development.
Facilitatied by: Ruben Farrus (Minority) [EV5.615]

3:30PM – Storytelling Module 2. Translating Stories: Discuss how stories change depending on whom is telling the story and how the story is being told, whether orally, or in media like films or games.
Facilitated by: Jason Edward Lewis & Skawennati [EV5.615]

4:30PM-Tour of Obx Labs [EV11.615]

5:00PM – Showcase Test Project Game: Show and discuss example game project.
Facilitated by: AbTeC R.A.s [EV5.615]