Other SecondLife School Projects: PacificRim Exchange

November 5th, 2008

PacificRim Exchange

Virtual Exchange Program between Modesto, California and Kyoto, Japan


Abstract: Two high school professors, one in California and one in Japan, organized an exchanged program for their students. Years later, they discussed the idea of setting up a chat room video conferencing or similar virtual environment so that students could interact before meeting on the exchange. Because of the time difference, video conferencing was deemed to be impractical. Using Second Life was suggested as a way to interact without necessarily being online at the same time, so an island was purchased. This group of islands (now up to four) was a place for students to communicate and collaborate with each other in building a place where they can share their interests, cultures and languages. They began building a small community in this virtual world to bridge the gap between countries.

Thermal Cycler and DNA Sequencer

Review: One of the most interesting projects worked on in collaboration from both schools and monitored by their professors was the SecondLife “Crime Lab”. This was a collaborative project alongside a Forensics Academy. Clues are processed and, if in the right sequence, yield results from a “computer database”. Though the crime and props design were done by the students, a professional scripter was hired to program the interaction. The crime lab also included a “conference” area where students chatted about the activity. An interesting addition was the “portraits” on the walls of the actual students.

The project includes a list of RULES (http://pacificrimx.wordpress.com/students/)

Conference Area and Student Portraits

***Extra: The RedEz Report, Summer 2008

“For anyone who is not aware, RezEd is a social networking site for educators working in virtual worlds. It was funded through a MacArthur grant last year, and started by Barry Joseph of Global Kids. The RezEd website is the first place a new educator should go when getting involved in this area of instruction. They have just released their first report that is filled to the brim with great information and resources for educators.”

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