Blender review – shortcut short list

April 1st, 2009

Here are the main shortcuts used in Blender.
You can also refer to the tutorial if you do not remember the basic steps.
The entire list of hotkeys can be found on this blog as well.

Camera hotkeys
numpad 1 front view
numpad 3 side view
numpad 7 top view
numpad 5 orthographic-perspective (toggle)
home to see all the objects in the scene, centered

General hotkeys
ctrl z to undo
ctrl y to redo
ctrl w to save (write file)
G move freely (grab)
R rotate freely
S scale freely (scale can be hard to control, use S)
RMB to select vertex/edge/face

Basic Blender hotkeys
TAB Object mode – Edit mode (toggle)
A select-deselect all (toggle)
B Border select tool
E Extrude a face
X erase
Z See-through wireframe or not (toggle)

Advanced hotkeys
W subdivide (add a loop in middle)
F add a face or edge (fill or link two vertices)
ctrl-M mirror menu
alt-click select a loop
shift+scaling hold shift to affect the other 2 axis
ctrl+moving to snap to grid or to vertex/edge/face if the snap

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