Rise of Legends: Skawennati’s Notes

March 16th, 2009

Play: Tutorial

This is where the player learns how to use his weapons.

VOICE OVER: How to use the bow & arrow. Example: “Press A to use the bow & arrow.”

As you walk along, you come to a body of water. There is a canoe on the shore. You get into the canoe [and start floating]. The evil villager from the Flying Head legend rises out of the water. Two Baby Flying Heads are attached to him [with leather ropes. Or maybe hair.] They are attacking you [how?]. You shoot them with your bow.

VOICE OVER: How to use the knife. Example: “Press B to use the knife.” You can stab and slash.

You got the Baby Heads, but now the Evil Villager is after you. He attacks you by slashing at you with his long nails. You have to slash back at him with your knife.



– Main Character (you/hunter) in 1st person

– Evil Villager – undead, partly decomposed

– Baby Flying Heads

– Canoe (can fly through the air)

– Bow & Arrow

– Knife

Animations for Main Character:




shooting bow & arrow

using knife

getting into canoe

Animations for Evil Villager:

emerging from water

walking in water

standing still

returning to water

attack 01-long nails scratching

attack 02 – whip ropes (more damaging than nails)

Animations for Baby Flying Heads

hanging out

getting hit



CUT SCENE: Tree People Legend

You are walking when you hear something fall to the ground. You look around and see some kind of gross, shiny, translucent sack. Something inside it is moving. More egg sacks drop, and the tree people emerge from them. They surround and attack you.



Egg sac

Use male & female models we already have, make various skins to make it seem like many


Egg sacs falling

Tree People emerging from sacs

Play: Battle the Tree People

Use your bow & arrow or your knife to kill the Tree People



-Tree People attacking – slashing with long nails.

After battle, you continue along the path. You find medicine and arrows (ammo).

Voice Over : You are going to need a spear to fight the Monkey Dog.

CUT SCENE: Monkey Dog Legend

Monkey Dog jumping out at you.



Monkey Dog


Monkey Dog running like a dog

Monkey Dog moving on two legs


Stone Giants/static/rest area/ “offering” spear.

You follow the Monkey Dog to find the spear, which is on one of the Stone Giants.

CUT SCENE: Hoof Lady Legend

She is sitting, beautiful. She stands, hypnotizing. As she begins to walk toward you, you hear hoof sounds. You look down and see that her feet are hooves! When you look back up at her face she looks ugly. She attacks.



Hoof Lady


Hoof Lady sitting



Play: Hoof Lady Battle

The Hoof Lady can kick in four directions . The best way to kill her is with a spear.



Hoof Lady kicking forward

Hoof Lady kicking sideways

Hoof Lady kicking backward

Hoof Lady gets killed by spear

Play: Tree People Battle

Pick Up Hatchet on Path

CUTSCENE: Legend of the Raska (Skeleton)

VOICE OVER explains the legend and how you kill him. (Using a hatchet, you hit him in the chest/ribs to get to heart)

You see the skeleton eating someone.

Play: Raska Battle




Raska’s weapon 01 – jagged broken bone

Raska weapon 02 – spine whip


Raska walking/stalking


Dying (breaking apart)




Special Tree Person Scene [where you get or learn about the lacrosse stick?]

VOICE OVER explains the legend of the Flying Head, and how the woman kills him with hot coals.



bringing back to life (reanimation!)


Sickly skin

Healthy skin

Play: Final Battle

The Flying Head has many baby heads attached to it, or swarming around it, or following it [to be decided]. The Baby Heads can be killed with bow & arrow. Flying Head dies when you throw enough hot coals into his mouth. You can only throw the coals into his open mouth. He opens his mouth to scream (when a Baby Head is killed and/or as an attack). The scream pushes you backward.

Concept Art

  1. You – the main character – full body
  2. Your hands (front and side view, scannable)
  3. Bow and arrow (front and side view, scannable)
  4. Lacrosse stick
  5. Coal
  6. Flying Head (with Baby Heads)
  7. o Concept art
  8. o Technical drawings
  9. Environment where battle is being fought
  10. o Artsy illustration (giving the feeling, colour scheme)
  11. o Technical map
  12. Storyboard of battle action


(insert Owisokon’s notes here)



– Refer to Owisokon’s notes


  1. load and pull arrow
  2. releasing arrow
  3. walking with bow & arrow
  4. scooping coal with lacrosse stick
  5. cradling coal
  6. flinging the coal
  7. walking with empty lacrosse stick
  8. flying head basic movement
  9. screaming =attack
  10. inhalation = vulnerable state
  11. damaged
  12. dying

Hi all,

Here are the notes I took on Sunday and Monday. They are a little thin in places. Tehoniahtathe, maybe you can look it over and fill in the Cut Scenes and Voice Overs. Where you see [square brackets] were stuff I added in while typing up these notes.

Rise of the Legends: Legends of Fear

CUT SCENE: Introduction

You, a hunter, come upon a village on fire. A dying woman tells you that the Flying Head has attached this village, and he his headed for yours. [She tells you that she has fought him before, and along the way she will guide you to fight him again.] Look for the medicine lacrosse stick, you will need it to defeat the Flying Head. She warns you to stay on the path (alludes to giant). [Her dying words are:] “ Remember: Compassion is the ultimate weapon.”


the destruction of this village just happened (a recent event)

you have a bow & arrow and a knife

dead villager is a legend him/herself



Main Character (you/hunter) in 3rd person – male model

Dying villager – Female model


You walking

You standing still/[listening]

Dying Villager talking

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