Rise of the Legends (Legends of Fear)

February 25th, 2009

Here is the Game Design Document created by the Rise of the Legends (Legends of Fear) team…

Game Concept and Design Document

Group Members:


What is the game title?

“Rise of the Legends”

(Legends of Fear)

What is the platform?


What is the genre of this game?


What is your game concept/story?

-You face legendary creatures (evil ones), and each prepares you to fight the big boss, the flying head, and the two serpants

What is the style? Is there any games, movies, comics books… that have a similar style?

-It’s a dark kind of game

– kind of like Fable 2 scenery and Resident Evil

-Kingdom hearts only less happy go lucky,

– like Sims, you can switch between characters

Who are the characters? What can they do? (eg. run, jump, special powers)

There is a man, woman, and child (young boy)

-Run, jump, shoot, walk, eat, swim, paddle

Man: Medicine Man

Kid: Has Visions

Woman: She flings hot rocks, she carries coals

What are the obstacles that your characters meet? And how do they overcome them?

They come across evil creatures that they have to fight in order to move on.

What kind of game play elements? (Weapons, tools, medicine, spells and other objects)

-Bow and arrow



-hunt for food





-clothes: dress, moccasins, guy clothes

How do you win?

By defeating all the evil creatures.

Other ideas:

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