Grimm Games

December 3rd, 2008

Here is a video game that I found that both uses the Unreal game engine and reintepretes classic fairy tales.

Grimm is sick of happy endings, bloodless romances, blind obedience, insipid weddings, unearned wealth, unmerited praise, and undeserved good fortune. He’s had enough! And, like every bad boy who’s had enough… he wants more. More passion, madness, revenge – and misery. More darkness, and more difference. And what’s the harm?”

This video game is released a series of levels, each level is about a different fairy tale.   Each level is purchased individually through GameTap for about $5.  The game is online played using GameTap’s software.

The first episode, A Boy Who Learns What Fear Is, is free.  I tried it and I really liked the look of the game.

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