Paper Prototyping and Texturing!

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Everyone loves diving into the crafty, creative goodness of the paper prototype! As we got our hands dirty once again with pencil shavings and eraser bits, scotch tape and mactac, the game map of Skins 3.0: Extended Play began taking shape. We pulled out our story timeline and came up with solutions toward bridging some of the remaining gaps between the original Otsi:! and Skahion:hati stories.

Tehoniehtathe, our main game story writer, has sent all participants a draft of the story he’s written, and everyone will be sending him feedback to help make it even better. Towanna will begin to expand and refine the Skahion:hati story once the Otsi:! portion has been approved and finalized.

After our break, we watched the beautiful and inspiring short animation from Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part I: “The Tale of the Three Brothers”. (Check out these sketches, too if you’re interested!) After a short discussion, Nancy led a review on Tortoise SVN, highlighting some of the new features which will make using SVN a lot more user-friendly. Case in point: less password entry!
Next, we moved on to showing off everyone’s progress.

All 3D modellers were to model an asset for the game, using the Student Asset List as a guide. Although we are never surprised by the immense amount of talent the participants of this workshop bring to the table, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the level of detail they decided to go into for this week! Lance made an awesome quiver of arrows slung across Skahion:hati’s back, using different modifiers for some beautiful stitching detail. Towanna made a diabolical “creepy tree” for the darker moods of our game, featuring twisted, gnarled branches, complete with a haunting, beckoning hand shaped right into them. Nather has revamped one of the longhouses for the game; as we were escorted through its length, the enormity of it loomed all around us. Vast and cavernous, this longhouse will soon house many beautiful objects, which will in turn breathe some life into it!

Our review on UV Mapping, Materials and Texturing will help participants polish their new additions to the game. The longhouse is hungry and waiting impatiently for satiation!

Homework for next time (April 24th):

  • Read and review Tathe’s story draft. Send feedback to the google group.
  • Perform SVN Checkout at home with Skins 3.0 address (email us if you encounter any issues)
  • Finish model(s)
  • UV Map (Unwrap) them
  • Assign Material
  • Begin Texturing!
  • Make sure to put game assets in appropriate folders on SVN.
  • In your uploaded Blender file, point to the files you need in their locations on SVN.
  • Think about the game map some more, and get ready for Paper Prototyping day #2!

Remember to take Jing screenshots of your progress, and send the link through the group email address. Show off your hard work and get feedback from the group at the same time!

See you all on the 24th


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