New programmers are born

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This week Bronson and Joachim gave our students Lisa and Nather a taste of programming in Unity.  Their first assignment was to modify Skahion:hati’s behaviour script so that he could fly.  Through this the students learned all about functions, variables, branches, and logic.  We were really impressed by how quickly the students caught on, especially Lisa who had no previous programming experience.

Skahion:hati flying like Neo


After a short youtube break, Bronson and Joachim presented their second assignment: create a log which must be knocked over using a tomahawk in order for Skahion:hati to cross a pit.  Nather and Lisa did an amazing job and finished the assignment faster than expected.  Through this assignment the students learned about 3D transformations and colliders.

Skahion:hati reaches the impassable pit


Skahion:hati triumphantly crosses the pit


We’re extremely proud of our burgeoning programmers!  Stay tuned for progress updates from the other Skins members.

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