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Our meeting this time was mainly game design discussion and also brushing up on participants’ memories on what they learned in Skins 2.0. In order for them to be able to access their files easily at home as well as in the studio, we started off with SVN. Nancy had a little review on how to use SVN, what to do to get SVN working properly on participants’ machines. She also had a review on Jing and how useful it is to capture screen shots and save them on a computer or get a link to share it with the other teammates.

A good part of the meeting was a discussion between the participants about the game design and the cut scenes. They made a paper prototype of the game timeline to better picture what happens in the story. As a result, it was decided that the flying head is created some time in the early 1400s. Almost at the same time the people of the village in the story had made a request to move to a new land in order to survive from starvation. The village splits to those are for and against the move and a couple of years later, Skahion:hati is born. When he is a young teenager, he has to face the stone giant and defeat him.  A couple of years later, when the flying head destroys the village, he is the one that goes to fight him and that’s when Otsi begins.

The last part of this session was spent on reviewing the basics of modelling in Blender. I started with the user interface and the shortcuts for Blender. Then I talked about the necessary tools to know to be able to model. Some students like Nather and Lance got into working with Blender very quickly and were able to start producing artwork for their game. At the end of the session, the students were all assigned to model an asset from their game as homework for next time.

Things will get even more exciting next time as we get to continue working in Blender!

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