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Animation On the Way

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Since the 1st Intensive , Animation has involved a lot of back and forth between Blender and Unity, We are constantly testing the Animation before we do too much of it and we’ve made a lot of progress. Adult Skihioti can now Walk, Run , Get Hit, Get Hit and Die and shoot from his Bow [...]

New programmers are born

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This week Bronson and Joachim gave our students Lisa and Nather a taste of programming in Unity.  Their first assignment was to modify Skahion:hati’s behaviour script so that he could fly.  Through this the students learned all about functions, variables, branches, and logic.  We were really impressed by how quickly the students caught on, especially [...]

After the First Intensive

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We’ve already made a lot of progress! After looking at all our assets, we have a list of things to complete until our next intensive, we’re still going full speed ahead! Our industry guests had some great constructive criticism for us. We are still fine-tuning some of the details, but are working hard to breathe [...]

Unity, Digital Inking & After Effects

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Our 5th session and we are beginning to get back into the Unity environment! For the first time of what will probably be many, the team was required to split up while we learned our lessons. The reason for this was for both focus and efficiency: the students are now able to choose and improve [...]

Prototype Complete & Animation (Rigging/Skinning)

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Our compliments to all the Skins3.0 participants! Our 4th session is wrapped up and already a lot of progress has been made. We opened today with reviewing the paper prototype and filling in the few details that remained so that the programmers can begin fleshing out the map grid. A couple of key design decisions [...]

Paper Prototyping and Texturing!

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Everyone loves diving into the crafty, creative goodness of the paper prototype! As we got our hands dirty once again with pencil shavings and eraser bits, scotch tape and mactac, the game map of Skins 3.0: Extended Play began taking shape. We pulled out our story timeline and came up with solutions toward bridging some [...]

Get hands on Blender again!

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Our meeting this time was mainly game design discussion and also brushing up on participants’ memories on what they learned in Skins 2.0. In order for them to be able to access their files easily at home as well as in the studio, we started off with SVN. Nancy had a little review on how [...]

Skins 3.0 Extended Play Begins!

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Yesterday we began the newest iteration of our Aboriginal Video Game Development Workshop.  The participants are a mix of people from the first and second workshops, as well as a few new people. This first meeting was all discussion.  Jason and I, in our role as producers, wanted to go over our goals for the [...]